Meet Kris and Bren…


Bren & Kris Buchanan have been married since 2011 and own and run GOODONYA Restaurant in downtown Encinitas. GOODONYA serves the community with amazing Organic, Non-GMO foods.

When we bought our house in 2012, it was like walking back in time to the 1970’s. We bought the house from the original owners (which is pretty rare). It had a Spanish style flair with a lot of very dark paneled wood though out the house.

We wanted to bring the house to a more clean, contemporary modern look and feel. The scope of the project was big, and got bigger the more we dug in. Every window and door was replaced. All three of our bathrooms were gutted and remodeled. We had the stucco on the exterior of the house completely refinished. A beautiful balcony was added to the great room which has 180 degree views of the ocean. A hot tub and deck were added to the side yard.

Working with Halcyon was a dream. Not only was Jeff a great contractor, he has a magical eye for design. There were a lot of steps a long the way we did not know what to do……which tile to pick, how to configure the bathroom, etc. Jeff always had wonderful ideas, and by the end of the project we gave him full control. He created 3D renderings to help us “see the vision” and facilitate design decisions. That was invaluable as both Kris and I are very visual people. Seeing it, instead of just trying to understand it was SO helpful.

-Bren & Kris Buchanan